It’s The Little Things That Matter

I’m sitting at home tonight with a heavy heart.  This post has nothing to do with Pinterest and everything to do with life.  

My son has a friend at school, Isaiah.  They were in the same Kindergarten class.  They still play together on the playground, even though they’re not in the same class.  To quote Brayden, they are “Best Buds”.

Isaiah has a brother, Ethan.  The same year that Isaiah and Brayden were in Kindergarten, Ethan was in 2nd grade.  During Christmas Break, he was diagnosed with cancer.  I can only imagine what went through his parents minds.  

Last year, the family moved away so they could take Ethan to a Children’s Hospital in North Carolina to get treatment.  Brayden really missed his best bud.  He was so excited when we walked into school for Open House this year & saw Isaiah…his best buddy was back!

We didn’t hear a lot of updates on Ethan last year.  One of the last ones I had heard was that he had a bone marrow transplant & all had gone well.  I was optimistic when we saw Isaiah at school.  Perhaps, Ethan was well enough for the family to come home.

Unfortunately, Ethan lost the battle with cancer last night.  He was a 9 year old boy who loved life, the Virginia Tech Hokies and went through more in 2 years than anyone should ever have to go through in a lifetime.

As a mom, I mourn with Ethan’s mom.  I think about Brayden and how he is about the same age Ethan was when they discovered the cancer.  My kids are healthy, except for the occasional upset tummy and runny nose.  Tonight, we talked about taking things for granted.  I discovered I sometimes take these little things for granted.

It seems like I read a lot of this kind of thing happening.  Young children faced with terrible diseases, dying young.  Many people see this and start to question.  They question God.  Why does God allow this to happen to someone so young, so innocent?  Why do they suffer when others don’t?  Why???

It’s ok to ask these questions.  Sometime, I think we ask these things or think these things and then feel guilty.  Don’t forget, Job asked God questions.  Of course, Job never got any answers.  That’s ok too.  It’s not easy to understand.  But we have to remember, God is in control.  We may think we are, but when things like this happen and our world is turned upside down, we quickly learn otherwise.

When my son came home from school, the first thing I wanted to do was give him a huge hug.  I wanted to tell him over and over again that I love him.  I don’t want to take him or Sophie or my hubby for granted.

James says that “…you do not even know what will happen tomorrow.  What is your life?  You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes” James 4:14.

A mist…a vapor.  Our life is so short in the grand scheme of things.  Do not take the little things for granted.  

Two songs immediately came to my mind today.  They remind me that no matter what happens in this world, it is not the end.  There is a better place waiting for me.  The first one is by Jeremy Camp, called “There Will Be A Day”.  The chorus goes like this:

 There will be a day with no more tears

 No more pain, and no more fears

 There will be a day when the burdens of this place

 Will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face

But until that day, we’ll hold onto you always.

 The other one is by Building 429, called “Where I Belong”.  This chorus says:

All I know is I’m not home yet

This is not where I belong

Take this world and give me Jesus

This is not where I belong.

 These words may or may not bring you comfort, but in thinking about life and what this family must be going through, I found some peace in them.  Ethan’s mother wrote a beautiful and courageous post on Facebook earlier today.  In it, she talked about how Ethan is no longer in pain.  She imagined what Ethan is now able to do, things that he missed out on in this life.  In a way, she reminded us all that this world is not where we belong and there is something so much better waiting for us.


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