So, you may have noticed I have been absent from the blogging world for about a week.  I have been on a much need vacation and came back to reality today 😦  Also, trying to wrap my head around the fact that my son starts school in 1 week!!  Where did the summer go???

You can ask my husband…I love trips…I hate packing.  With 2 kids, you don’t just throw clothes in a suitcase & head out the door.  I long for those carefree packing days, but alas, those days have passed!  Now, I have to pack clothes for me & the hubby, kids, diapers (hopefully our last trip with diapers!!), sippy cups, snacks, pack & play, toys, DVD’s, DVD player, coloring books, capri suns, etc.  Of course, any of these items can be purchased at one of the millions of Wal-Mart’s we saw along the way, but for some reason, I feel the need to take them with us, instead of buying along the way.  In theory, the snacks & drinks should diminish, leaving more space in the car, but then, you just buy more snacks and drinks to replace the ones you consumed…a wicked cycle…

Our vacation started in Virginia Beach.  My husband LOVES the beach & my son is quickly following suit.  I enjoy it in small increments.  Let’s face it…I have red hair…I can only take the beach & sun in small increments or I’ll end up looking like a lobster.  Believe me, it’s no fun.  I managed to make it through this vacation with minor redness, mostly around my neck area.  Thank you SPF 50 & our sun canopy!!!

ImageAs you can see, the first day was cloudy.  Trust me, you can still get sunburned on a cloudy day!!

ImageThis is the best $6 we spent on vacation…boogie board for my son.  He played with this all day long on our 2nd beach day.  This was at a quieter spot…Sandbridge Beach, just a few miles south of Virginia Beach.  Much less crowded & a little bit more family friendly.  Of course, you don’t have the bustling boardwalk right there, but we found a nice spot with cheap parking, nice bathrooms & a playground.  

ImageAnd who doesn’t enjoy burying someone in the sand???

ImageMiss Priss was perfectly happy playing in the sand most of the day 🙂  I think the waves spooked her a little bit (they were pretty high while we were there).  It didn’t bother me though, since that allowed me to hang out in the shade most of the day.

ImageAfter a long day of hard play!!

Day #3 found us at the Virginia Beach Aquarium.  If you haven’t gone, you should.  The kids loved it!!!  I thought we were smart by going during the summer, when schools wouldn’t be taking field trips.  Boy, was I mistaken!  Apparently, daycares and summer school programs go on field trips.  We walked in behind a group of cute (but loud) toddlers-preschoolers.  We tried to pace ourselves to keep a distance, but after a while, gave up & went with it.  Here’s a link to their website:



ImageImageThis was cool…they had a pool where you could stick your hand in and pet sting rays.  One sting ray in particular was very friendly.  He (or she…didn’t get that close!!) would come up to the side and jump up out of the water to get close to you.  I could not work up the nerve to touch one, but my 7 year old son did!  He & my hubby said they felt very silky smooth!!


ImageThe river otter is in their second building.  This was probably the kids favorite exhibit.  There weren’t a lot of people at this building & the otter seemed to really like interacting with people.  He would swim a lot, right around where the kids were.  He was playful & really cute!!  I liked the second building because we got away from the large group of kids!!!

The rest of our trip took us to Williamsburg.  We stayed at a resort, thanks to some friends of ours who lent us a week on their timeshare.  The only drawback was we had to sit through a timeshare presentation.  This was not our first rodeo…I really think we’ve become pros at looking mildly interested & then saying no…not once…not twice…but three different times.  Once we got through the presentation, our stay was enjoyable 🙂  The cottage we stayed in had 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a washer/dryer (yay for coming home with clean laundry!!) a full kitchen & living room, complete with gas fireplace & vaulted ceilings.  The kids really enjoyed having a place to run around and I enjoyed having a place to store all those snacks I brought with us!


ImageMy kiddos sharing some love in the cottage 🙂

We spent a lot of time in what I consider to be one of the nicest, family friendly swimming pools I have ever seen.  There was a little wading pool for little ones that was only 10 inches deep.  The main pool had 3 different tiers.  The first one went from inches to about 2 feet deep.  The 2nd tier was 3-4 feet & the third tier was 4-5 feet deep.  Each tier was connected by a really cool ledge that you could go over, so you could change tiers without getting out of the pool.

Of course, what would Williamsburg be without a trip to the historic…Outlet Mall???  What?????  Were you expecting Colonial Williamsburg?  While we didn’t go there, we did take in some shopping, mainly because school is upon us & my son only fits into about 1 pair of jeans at this moment & my daughter has none that she can wear.  I love The Children’s Place & am so sad that there are none near us.  So, I took full advantage of our location & the deep discounts that come with outlet malls.  Let me just say that I was able to get $130 worth of clothes for about $50!!  I love to score a great deal!  Sad to say, we only went to a few stores while there (it was really crowded) and most of them were for the kids…Carters and Gymboree…just to name a few 🙂  Oh well, I can always shop for myself when they go to college!!

On our way out of town, we worshipped with the Williamsburg Church of Christ.  It was a very friendly congregation…you can tell they are used to getting a lot of visitors.  If you’re in the area, you should visit them…here’s their website:


On our way out of town, we ate lunch at the Astronomical Pancake & Waffle House.  Let me stop here & tell you about the pancake houses in this town.  If you ever go to Williamsburg, they have a road, Richmond Rd, that they refer to as Restaurant Road.  The reason??  LOTS of restaurants located here.  From where we stayed, all the way to Restaurant Road, I counted 12 pancake & waffle houses….yep…12…in about a 3 mile radius!!!!  I have no idea why.  I only saw about 3 Italian restaurants, a couple of Mexican restaurants…but 12 pancake & waffle houses!!  I still can’t get over it!!  We figured we should probably see what the big deal was about & picked the one with “Astronomical” in it’s name.  Well, it lived up to our expectations.  The pancakes were HUGE!!!  The waffles were wonderful!!!!  I highly recommend it if you find yourself on Restaurant Road in Williamsburg & feel the need for a waffle with chocolate chips 🙂  Yummy!!!

I love going on vacation.  I love that carefree feeling you get while gone.  However, it’s nice to come home…nice to see that your house hasn’t caught fire & is still standing.  Nice to see that the dog survived while you were gone and didn’t tear up the yard.  Nice to get unpacked and sit back and re-live some of those wonderful memories you just made.  While we didn’t do a lot of “stuff” on vacation, we did the most important things…spent time together…and I wouldn’t trade that for anything!!









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