You did what???

We moved into our house 5 days before my daughter was born and 3 days before my mom & grandma came to help out.  Guess what they got to do??  Yep, help us unpack.  By the time I got out of the hospital, my mom had lived in my house either the same amount of time as I had…or maybe a day or 2 longer 🙂  I would NOT recommend moving while 9 months pregnant, but everything turned out ok.

One thing they did while I was in the hospital was to organize my son’s room, which was a tremendous help.  Over the almost 3 years we’ve lived here, things have pretty much stayed the way they put them.  While we don’t have a lot of closet space for the house (i.e. linen closets in the bathrooms, hall closets for coats, etc), the closets in our bedroom are pretty large & have nice storage space in them.

That being said…we still have a lot of “stuff” and I’m always looking for ways to make the kiddos bedrooms look cute & functional.

I found this project on Pinterest and fell in love.  At first, I wasn’t sure how to utilize it in our home, but I quickly came up with an idea…and enlisted my hubby’s help 🙂

We didn’t put the shelf in the dining room, although I think it would be really cute!  We put a smaller version under the window sill of each kids bedroom.


A couple of things we did differently: 

Instead of buying a pre-made shelf, my hubby picked up a sheet of MDF at our local Lowe’s store.  It ran about $30, but we only used half of it to make 2 shelves (so about $7.50 in wood/shelf) and he used the rest in his wood shop, so it was a win/win situation. 

We also bought the cheaper supports for underneath the shelf.  The decorative ones were nice, but cost around $3-$4, so we went with the metal ones that were a little over $1 a piece.  So, each shelf probably cost about $12 or so. 


We had leftover paint from when we painted the kids rooms, so we just painted them to match the walls.  If you wanted to get really creative, you could paint them a contrasting color, but I wasn’t feeling it 🙂  The MDF took the paint very well, so no need to prime!!  Plus, did you know that paint is still good after 2 1/2 years???  I was stoked when I discovered the paint was usable!!


My daughter calls this her “workbench”…her daddy just built one of his own.  She loves it!!  One day, when my son was sick & I was having to take care of him, she played on/with that shelf for probably 30-45 minutes…and she’s 2 1/2!!!  I have visions of my son using it to work on homework when school starts. 

I love it because they can sit at the bench and look outside.  It also gets some toys up off the floor.  We used wall anchors & tried to attach the shelf to the wall studs when we could find them.  It is very secure, although I would discourage sitting on it!

From cutting to painting to installing, this project took us about 3 days or so.  We didn’t work on it continuously…so don’t get worried.  You could easily knock this out in 1 or 2 days, especially if you used a pre-made shelf.

My opinion:  For the time involved, skill level and costs, I would say this is a great weekend project that not only dresses up a room, but makes it a bit more functional!!  I think it’s a great addition to any kids room or playroom.  If you have the space, why not try it as a kids counter in your dining room???


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