One of my hobbies (besides pinning), is to make cakes…mainly decorate them.  I don’t care too much with the baking part.  I’ve always said if I could just go get a plain, un-iced cake, already baked & then decorate it, I would be soooo happy.  But, it kind of defeats the purpose of making your own if you go buy it anyway.

I took Wilton decorating classes at Hobby Lobby…I love that place!!!!  The classes were so much fun & they taught me a lot of good techniques.  Then, I started watching different cake decorating shows on T.V.  Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Next Great Baker.  You name it, I’ve watched it.  In the beginning, we didn’t have cable, so my mother-in-law would tape the programs on her TV, put them on a DVD & mail them to me so I could watch them!!  How sweet!!

Originally, I took the classes to be able to make my kid’s birthday cakes.  I remembered that my mom always made my birthday cakes & I wanted to get in on that tradition.  Once I started making cakes, I found that I really enjoyed making them & I especially love seeing peoples reactions when they get a cake.

ImageHere’s my son’s birthday cake from his 7th birthday…Angry Birds were very hot this year :).  This was my first interactive cake, but I made the birds a little on the heavy side, so they didn’t fly through the air like I had envisioned. 

The great thing about Pinterest is you can get great ideas for cakes on there.  The pictures may be links to professional bakeries, a personal website, or you may actually get the instructions for the cake.  Whatever you end up with, you can almost always figure out how the person made the cake, plus it gets the creative juices flowing.

Here are a few cakes that were inspired by cakes I found on Pinterest.

ImageThese cute amphibians were for a birthday party.  A friend’s son was turning 4 & his actual birthday was on Leap Day.  It was technically his 1st birthday day & it was a Leap Day themed party 🙂

ImageThis cake was for a retirement party.  The retiree loves sailing.  I did not make the boat, net and shells, but the cake was mine.  It was kind of a collaboration of 3 cakes I found on Pinterest & I couldn’t decide which I liked most…so I just combined them.

ImageThis cake was for a wedding shower.  The couple loved daisies…so do I 🙂

ImageThis was for a friend’s sons birthday.  He was really into planes at the time.  The airplane is made out of rice crispy treats & covered in fondant.  I like to use rice crispy treats when I have to mold something or if it’s going on top of the cake, because it’s much lighter than actual cake.  Another technique I used is to put ribbon around the base of the cake. It’s quick, easy & really dresses the cake up.  Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating, but hey!  I made an airplane out of rice crispy treats!!!

What started out as a little hobby for my kids is slowing evolving into a bit of a side business.  I mainly make cakes for friends, or for church functions, like wedding & baby showers.  Sometimes, I’ll go 2 or 3 months in between cakes, and once I made 3 cakes in one week (I think my hubby wanted to move out of the house that week).  No matter what’s going on, I love to work on them & I’m so excited that I have Pinterest to refer to and get great ideas 🙂


4 thoughts on “CAKES!!!

  1. Thanks for the honorable mention, but my cakes never, ever even started to compare to yours!! But of course, i enjoy the baking part!!!! Love you!!

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