I Miss Mommy!!!!

If you have kids, you know how hard it is to leave them behind when you go on a trip.  I remember when my son was about 6 months old, my hubby & I decided to go on a long weekend trip to Florida & we left Brayden with my in-laws.  Now, I know at 6 months old, he didn’t really know that I was gone, but I sure did miss him :).  

Not too long ago, I found an app in the Apple App store called “iMissMommy”.  Now, it is pinned on my board on Pinterst, under “Products I love”, so I figured that means I can technically blog about it.  Had I had that app (or an iPhone for that matter) 7 years ago, it might have made that trip to Florida a little easier…at least for me…

Here’s the link, which is just a picture.  If you search for it in the app store, you can find it:


Here’s what it does:  This app allows you to record a video, which looks like FaceTime.  You can then send it to another phone, or put the video on your phone.  Then, when you’re not around, your child can pull it up & “talk” to you.  They think it’s cool, because they are talking to you & you think it’s cool, because your kiddos can talk to you anytime they want.


That’s not all…while your kiddo is watching the video, the app records their reaction and saves it, so you can see how they responded at a later time.  I LOVE that feature!!!!!  This is great for us, because the grandparents live in Oklahoma, which is about 1200 miles away. While we try to video chat every now and then, it does get hard to synchronize everyone’s schedule.  Now, I can have the grandparents record a video on their phone, send it to me & then I put it in the app & presto!!!!  My son or daughter can see their grandparents anytime they want!!!

 There are 3 categories for the videos:  I’m proud of you, I miss you & Discipline Time.  I think the Discipline category is cute, because there’s no more “wait until your dad gets home!!”  


There are many reasons that I love this app.  #1, I got it on sale, so it was only $0.99.  #2, my little brother is the app developer!!!  He started developing apps a few years ago & mainly does them for churches, but this one was 100% original.  They say “necessity is the mother of invention”, well, here it is!!  He saw a need and came up with this handy little app.

ImageThat’s my cutie pie nephew & lovely sister-in-law 🙂

So, even though I might be a little biased, thanks for indulging me today while I brag on my little brother. However, even if I wasn’t related to the app developer for iMissMommy, I still think this is a worthwhile app & any parent with an iPhone would be wise to download it today 🙂















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