Crate Seat

After I posted this blog, a friend of mine decided to make some crate seats of her own. She is a teacher in Texas & she said the seats are going to be incentives for her students to complete their work. Here’s a look at what she did:

She said she made 6 & it only took a total of about 3 hours! Not too bad!! She used plywood & carpet padding (genius!) that she quadrupled…nice & cushion-y. She also used braces underneath so the tops stayed in place. I think they look great!!

So, if you haven’t tried one of these great crate seats, I hope that seeing a few of these pics will inspire you!! Happy Crafting ūüôā


Storage space is very valuable in the house. ¬†Especially in the kiddos rooms. ¬†I don’t know how, but it seems their stuff doubles…overnight!! ¬†They have decent closets & my wonderful father-in-law built them large toy boxes, but it seems like those little toys & books never find homes. ¬†


I found this project on Pinterest. ¬†It is not only very cute, but has double functionality. ¬†Here’s the link to the instructions:

 I found the instructions very easy to follow, although the blogger accidentally put the cushion on the bottom of the crate, instead of the top.  Still with that mess up, the instructions are easy to figure out.

¬†I made one for my son…

Image…and one for my daughter


 A couple of things I did differently from the instructions: 

¬†1. ¬†My hubby helped me cut the boards for the tops. ¬†We used leftover boards that we had used to build our dog’s mansion…um…I mean dog house (seriously, the thing is massive!!). ¬†I didn’t really like how the instructions had you do it, because you just placed the seat on top of the crate. ¬†I had visions of my 2 year old daughter putting the top on & sliding off with it. ¬†To make it more stable, we cut a smaller board that was the exact size of the opening on the crate. ¬†The crates have a little edge towards the top that the wood fits perfectly onto. ¬†We then made another board a bit bigger than the first, so it would hang over the edge, and that is the part that the kids sit on. ¬†I wrapped each board in fabric & glued them to each other with Gorilla Glue (I left a small area on each board without fabric, so the glue would adhere to the wood instead of fabric)


 2.  The second thing I did differently was add extra cushion to the seat.  When I put 1 layer of the foam on the seat, I felt that it was just a little too thin.  When I added a second layer, it really felt nice.  I figured in time, the foam would be mashed down & I would be glad I added a little bit more.


Here’s a pic of the seat in action. ¬†We put books in my daughters crate. ¬†It makes it heavy, but it won’t scoot on the floor either. ¬†That shelf she’s playing at is another Pinterest project that I’ll blog about later…

My opinion of this project: ¬†Including the time it took for my hubby to cut the pieces of wood, I’d say this whole project took about 2 hours (give or take…not including glue drying time). ¬†They seem to be holding up quite well. ¬†I made them back in the spring time & so far, they’re staying together :). ¬†This is a cute project to get a little extra storage. ¬†I could see these in playrooms or classrooms of small children. ¬†Moms & Dads beware…these are for your kids…no matter how cute you think they are, I would discourage you from sitting on them ūüôā ¬†Happy crafting!!!


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