I don’t know how she does it…

Normally, in this blog, I write about projects or recipes I find on Pinterest.  However, I’m straying from the typical format to share something that’s been on my heart for quite a long time.

Ever heard of a movie called “I Don’t Know How She Does It”??  I’ve never seen it, but I can pretty much figure out the plot from the previews (and the review I read on the internet).  Sarah Jessica Parker stars in a movie about a super woman.  She does it all (hence the title)…working woman, wife and mother.  The movie looks pretty funny & I’m sure many women can relate. 

I find myself from time to time comparing myself to other women.  You go over to a friend’s house & you notice how clean her house is…how well behaved her kids are compared to yours.  How did she find time to make a homemade meal from scratch??  Did she really make her own laundry detergent??? For real???  I don’t know how she does it!!!!  

There’s also another woman I’ve observed for years and wonder how she does it all.  I’ve grown up looking to her, comparing myself to her.  Let me describe her to you.  She makes her own clothes.  Not just sews them, but actually makes the fabric too!!  She gets up really early to make food for her family, and not just PopTarts…she’s making gourmet meals with exotic foods from far away countries.  She buys land and plants vineyards.  She helps the poor and needy.  She also makes clothing and sells it.  She’s physically fit, so she must find time to work out.  She also stays up late at night, working hard.  She’s super smart, because she has lots of advice to share.  Apparently, she’s quite the business woman, because her husband doesn’t work.  He just hangs out with his friends all day long.  He’s very proud of her (of course!) & her children brag about her to their friends.  


Yeah…she’s Wonder Woman alright!  I have always secretly been jealous of her.  You might know her too.  Maybe you’ve been intimidated by her as well.  I’m talking about the Proverbs 31 woman.

It really stresses me out to compare myself to her.  After all, I don’t make my own fabric & I certainly can’t grow a vineyard…I can’t even keep potted plants alive!!  However, a few years ago, while my husband was taking a class over the Wisdom Literature in college (He’s a minister & was a Bible major), I found out some very interesting information.

If you look at the entire book of Proverbs…not just chapter 31, you’ll see the writer talks about 2 women…Woman Wisdom and the foolish Woman.  The book is written to a young man, or men, so the writer probably thought “what do young men think about???  Women!!”  From there, he instructed them on choosing wisdom over the latter & the benefits from choosing “Woman Wisdom”.

I borrowed a commentary on Proverbs from my hubby.  It is called Proverbs:  A commentary by Richard J. Clifford.  Now, I won’t bore you on the details (you can read the book yourself if you’d like), but the book concludes that perhaps the woman in Proverbs 31 is “a portrait of an ideal wife (of a great house) and, on a metaphorical level, a portrait of Woman Wisdom and what she accomplishes for those who come to her house as disciples & friends.”

Another thought came into my head.  What was the culture in this time period?  How many women do we read about in the Bible who are the bread winners??  Not many women are bringing home the bacon while their husbands are unemployed.  From my readings, if a woman in the Old Testament had a husband who died, and didn’t have a son to take her in and support her, she was pretty much left to beg (think Ruth & Naomi).  The word destitute comes to mind.  She certainly did not buy land, sell clothing and take a leading role in the family.

So, what does that mean for me, and perhaps many other stressed out, intimidated women who have put the Proverbs 31 woman on a pedestal and never measured up??  Perhaps she’s not a literal woman at all…maybe it’s a description of an ideal life…if we follow God, seek wisdom, then maybe…just maybe…our lives will be fuller & richer.  If we choose Woman Wisdom, this is what our life could look like.

So ladies…don’t worry if your house isn’t spotless…if your kids clothes have this morning’s breakfast all over it.  It’s no big deal if you don’t have dinner on the table the moment your hubby comes home from work…that only happened on Leave It To Beaver!!  To truly be a Proverbs 31 woman, all we need to do is trust God, seek wisdom and love our family.  And that is “how she does it”!!


One thought on “I don’t know how she does it…

  1. “Not many women are bringing home the bacon…” Certainly not Jewish women…that wouldn’t be kosher. 🙂 Good thoughts.

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