Sprinkler Summer Fun

With a sigh, I noticed my son’s summer break is almost over.  In about 1 month, we will be doing one of my favorite activities…shopping for school supplies!!  I love smell of a brand new box of crayons.  The way a folder looks when new…no creases, bends or tears.  My absolute favorites were Trapper Keepers.  Do you remember those???  Ahhh…the good ole days…

We have found a cool new medium in which to make crafts…PVC pipe.  I am convinced you can make almost anything with PVC pipe.  Pros:  Cheap!  You can find it anywhere & it’s almost indestructible.  Here is one project we found that we made (and by “we”, I mean my hubby!)


If you search for PVC projects or even just PVC on Pinterest, you will find tons of ideas.  We also made marshmallow guns with PVC pipe, which have been a huge hit in our family!!  The dog loves it of course…he gets clean up duty 🙂


This sprinkler cost us about $8 to make.  We already had PVC cement, so if you have to purchase that as well, it may cost you a little more.  We had the guys at Lowe’s cut the 10 foot pipe in half for us.  Two reasons:  Saves time at home, and most important, it wouldn’t fit in our Jeep any other way!  Since making this one, my hubby put a shut off valve on the sprinkler as well.  Saves a lot of time if the kids are in and out of the sprinkler…you don’t have to keep walking back & forth to the water faucet.  

It took the hubby about 20-30 minutes (if that long) to cut the smaller pieces of pipe, glue it all together & drill the sprinkler holes in it.  Almost instant summer fun!!  The nice thing??  When you’re done, take it apart (we only glued the “leg” pieces and “elbow” pieces to the pipe…the larger sides & top can be removed) and store it in the basement or garage.  If you have a pesky dog who likes to chew things up (like we do), no worries…it’s very tough!!

I can see these making great Christmas presents for nieces & nephews or birthday presents for my son’s buddies.  We conveniently had it running while we were holding our garage sale & my hubby just “happened” to make a few extra that we decided to sell 🙂  They went over great!  We had a little girl come with her mom & grandma & before mom knew it, she was playing with our son & daughter!!  Result??  Grandma bought her one too!!  Hee hee.  But, don’t get me wrong…these are great for any age!!

Enjoy what’s left of your summer!!!  Maybe make your own PVC sprinkler & cool off 🙂


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